Where to buy the Totseat

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We sell the Totseat all around the world, so please do contact us if you're interested in joining our happy family - email happy@totseat.com.

Please be VERY CAREFUL if buying from Alibaba, Aliexpress, Ebay and similar engines as some counterfeits have been found and their safety, quality and general all round Totseat-ness cannot be assured. Sellers of counterfeit and imitation Totseats are named, shamed and prosecuted. A genuine Totseat comes with FULL instructions and batch codes.

The Totseat is stocked across the UK and beyond

In the UK and Eire, we now distribute to all stores through Hippychick - click here to find a nearby stockist www.hippychick.com alternatively, if you would like to stock the Totseat, please get in touch with sales@hippychick.com or call 01278 434440.

In Australia, please contact www.bloomandgrow.com.au to buy, or sell the Totseat.

In Benelux, please buy from www.mercatortrading.be

In Brazil, please contact www.babyseat.com.br

In Canada, please buy directly from www.thespottedmonkey.com, or www.raspberrykids.com

In China, please buy from www.bloomandgrowasia.com

In Estonia, please buy from www.reisipisik.ee

In Hong Kong, please buy from www.bloomandgrowasia.com www.totseathk.com

In Hungary, please contact www.gezenguzok.hu

In Italy, please buy from www.nonsololatte.it

In New Zealand, please contact www.double8.co.nz for wholesale enquiries or buy directly from www.totseat.co.nz

In Poland, please buy from www.mamplus.pl

In Slovenia, please contact www.solemio.si

In South Africa, please buy from www.cinnamonsue.co.za

In Turkey, please buy from www.newbornfashionclub.com

In Russia and the Ukraine, please contact www.totseat.ru

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